A Cleverly Designed Device



I just found out that in the very early stages of my life, I was called Amanda.

I know this because I just saw it in several of my appointment cards that date back many years ago. I don’t know when exactly that name was changed, and neither do I know why, among my brothers and I, I was the only one not given a name found in the bible despite me being the middle child.

They thought it was good on the first child, then they changed their minds on me, the second child, and then switched back to their old views on the third child.

Did they forget to give me a biblical name? Or did it only matter to them that the guys must have biblical names, but not so much the girl? Did something happen when they were choosing my name? Did God in his booming voice say to my parents, “Hold it man and woman! Now that thou hast conceiveth and beareth this child, this baby girl thou hast conceiveth shalt not be named from the WORD!” And so thus sayeth the LORD and thus my parents obeyed? (Apologies for the archaic manner of writing; I was just trying to impart some old-fashioned flavour for reasons unknown.)

Or did they just decide to forget the bible altogether and go with a modern name simply on the basis of it sounding good? Not that I would consider such an act to have fallen under the realm of immorality, no, I have no problem with my English name. On the contrary, I do like it very much.

But this has clearly shed some (unique) light on who I was, whether superficially, or perhaps, on a whole new level deeper than my curiosity would take me.

Strange enough, as far as name-giving goes, it is amusing that I was born at exactly 3.33pm with a head circumference (HC is what the pros call it) of exactly 33cm. Had I been born at 4.44pm, I might have been a genius. 5.55pm might increase that probability (of being a genius and of giving everyone in the room a nasty shock).

What I have always found more amusing is the fact that the first 5 numbers of my IC number, in exactly the same order, is the infamous 90210 which most Americans know as a long-running TV drama series, preceded by Beverly Hills 90210, apparently the world’s most famous zip code.

When your identity comes down to merely letters that form words and numbers that make sense only to devices, I find myself asking this:

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?

Truth be told, many of us might know the answer, but not many of us understand it.